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The Bush Fallacy
Sunday, December 18, 2005
"We not only can win the war in Iraq-- we ARE winning the war in Iraq"

"There are only two options in the war in Iraq: victory and defeat."

The president's address tonight was more of the same sad blend of miscomprehension, misdirection, and outright lying that we've been subjected to for five years. But let's boil it down to one simple thing.

President Bush reports that we are winning the war in Iraq. The war against the terrorists.

Before president Bush invaded Iraq, there were no terrorists in Iraq. There were Ba'athists in Iraq, the ruling party of Saddam Hussein. But these people were not the terrorists, and they've been long vanquished. That mission was accomplished 21 days after we invaded, and I know that because at the time, Bush told us so. I'm sure you remember; it was in all the papers, and there was an air craft carrier involved.

But make no mistake, there were no Wahhabis, no al Qaeda, no radical fundamentalist Muslims in Iraq. Not until Bush's war turned Iraq into a petrie dish for terrorists.

The president is resolute that we won't stop fighting in Iraq until there are no more terrorists there.

There are only terrorists in Iraq because we are waging war there.

Really, that's all you need to understand.

The people who decry the jingoistic and bullheaded insistence on "victory in Iraq" understand this paradoz. The victory we seek is over an enemy we created by declaring this war in the first place. There is a fundamental fallacy in the logic upon which this war is based, and that fallacy is not going to go away. And if the premise is false, every goal, every objective, every action we take is misguided and doomed to failure.

Juunkies take heroin to keep from getting sick. They get sick because they're hooked on heroin. The only way to kick the addiction is to stop taking the drug. By Bush's logic, the junkie would take more and more heroin, until the sickness abated. Regardless of the fact that the heroin is causing the sickness.

We have a prsident with an Iraqi monkey on his back. It is long past time for an intervention.


Posted by: --josh-- @ 9:14 PM  

At 12/18/2005 11:46 PM, Blogger David J.V. said...   

You are right that there are more terrorists than before the war started. The terrorist don't want a democracy in the Middle East. And we are winning Most of the security for the Iraqi election that just occured was provided by the Iraqis themselves.

Also, do a search on the congressional records. Many of the major liberals said the Al Quida / terrorists were in Iraq that is one of the reasons they said they were going to vote to let President Bush go into Iraq.

At 12/18/2005 11:58 PM, Blogger --josh-- said...   

Unfortunately, the democrats are hopelessly incompetent. It was a strategic blunder for them to embrace the Republican hawkishness; after 9/11 they lacked the balls to stand up. I think today most of them wish they had acted differently. But Bush has admitted to being wrong about the intel, and the Dems relied on the fact that intel presented by the president could be trusted.

We are not winning in Iraq, because the definition of victory is false. Let me ask you a question. Who are we beating? What are the military goals? What happens when we leave? The ugly truth is that the only thing that keeps Iraq from erputing into civil war (even worse than it has) is a massive US military presence. We aren't "fighting the enemy." We're keeping all hell from breaking loose. And once we leave, all hell WILL break loose. Unless we never leave.

At 12/19/2005 2:41 AM, Blogger David J.V. said...   

A civil war is a strong possibility but after the election several men were asked "Are you Sunnie or are you Shiitee?". They answered "I am Iraqi".

We will have to see how their "congress" runs and does the majority try to overpower the others?

At 12/19/2005 8:29 AM, Blogger --josh-- said...   

I heard Bush tell that story. I'm not sure I believe it; it seems apocryphal, and I'm loathe to generalize that the whole of the country feels that way. The Kurds, for example, probably don't feel like Iraqis, they feel like Kurds. And even in this country, I wonder if you gave people a choice between Christian and American, how many would tell you they were American. Its not easy to choose between God and country.

THanks for the intelligent comments, even if we disagree.

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