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Here's me, without baby, thinking big thoughts. (Actually, what I'm thinking is, "Hey, these aren't Pringles!") I think I look better with baby.

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A Post with No Title, Because the Content is the Title
Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Today's sign of the coming apocalypse.

Posted by: --josh-- @ 3:34 PM  0 comments

Thursday, June 02, 2005
I've managed to largely avoid the media's Deep Throat frenzy, so forgive me if this is off base. But I am told that the Republican pundits are out in full force deriding the guy as a traitor.

It seems relatively easy for the right to throw that kind of accusation around at whatever and whoever might dare throw a monkey wrench in their cruel plans. I suppose he's also a heretic, opposed to the "culture of life," and in favor of activist judges.

But, and help me if I'm missing the point here, isn't the bigger picture that a sitting president of the United States BROKE THE LAW to cheat in a national election, then lied and covered up about it? And I mean really broke the law; the words "burglary" and "break-in" figure prominently in the Watergate story. How can the very same people who decry President Clinton because he lied about diddling the intern, find a villain other than Nixon in Watergate? The sheer hypocrisy of these people is overwhelming.

Sadly, we live in an era where the Downing Street memo, a smoking gun of the current president's lying which resulted in an unjust and unjustified war (and one which, spin notwithstanding, is going quite badly), and which should lead to certain impeachment, is wholly ignored by the so-called "liberal media." Apparently the message we send our kids is, it is OK if a Republican president lies about breaking the law to cheat in a national election. It is OK if a Republican president lies in order to drag the country into an unjustified war with no clear exit strategy. But it is NOT OK if a Democratic president lies about having gotten blown by the intern.

I think I have it straight now.

It seems to me that all politicians lie. The ones who lie about important things-- like, say, national security-- are the ones we should be worrying about. The ones who lie about cheating on their wives-- while presiding over eight years of peace and prosperity-- well, I'll take guys like that every time. And by the way, the other guys lie about cheating on their wives as well; they just don't get caught doing it. I guess because they're better at "dis-assembling."


In other, similarly shocking news (similar to the unveiling of Deep Throat's true identity), a film maker claims that Jim Morrison is alive and starring in his movie. Apparently Morrison has been living these past 30 or so years as Mark Felt's gardener.


Posted by: --josh-- @ 11:24 AM  0 comments

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