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Dell Sucks: Turns Out I Was Right
Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Remember back here when I noted that Dell sucks?

Well, a few days after that I got an email from an actual person at Dell-- not one of those "auomated response, do not reply to this email" emails, but a real email from a real person with his contact info and everything. It said that Dell reads blogs and chat rooms and such to see how they are doing and it had come to their attention that I was dissatisfied, and how could this guy help?

First it creeped me out a little. Then I figured, they probably deployed 'bots to trawl the web looking for mentions, and that this was essentially world class Word of Mouth Marketing, which I am actualy into, so I could appreciate the effort. I wrote to the guy that I doubted he could help me unless he could make Dell stop sucking; that service and quality had nosedived, and it had gone from "You gotta buy from Dell" to, "God help me if I have to deal with Dell." (But I should have asked him for a new wireless keyboard and mouse because mine is all broken now, and if they write again, I will.)

Anyway, check out Business Week's article about Dell. Seems I was exactly right about the whole sucking thing. But then, you already knew that.

Posted by: --josh-- @ 10:25 AM  

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