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Where have I been? Where have YOU been?
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Hello blogging public. Long time no blog.

And too, it might be a while before I’m fully back up to speed APW-wise, so you might want to read this (generously long) post slowly. Or a little bit each day. Or with your reading group, and then discuss afterward.

Here’s the deal. What separates actual bloggers, on the one hand, from just some guy who blogs on the other, is the priority the blog takes in the writer’s life. I do not say that with an air of superiority, like “Hey, I have a life!” My cyber-home-grrl Pia, for example, works on her blogs (her own and Bring it On) as if they were a job, with that level of dedication, and it shows. So she and other real bloggers can attain a level of art and informativeness (my spell check doesn’t like that word but I’m sticking with it) with blogging that the rest of us just cannot.

Me, I’m just a schmuck with a blog. So when things get busy out here in my actual point-of-fact life, the blog takes a back seat. Not a good thing or a bad thing, that’s just how it is. And lately, things are mondo hectic out here in life.

(By the way. I consult for one market research company, and we were talking about what new media behaviors they might want to measure. I suggested blogs. Their reaction was, it made no sense to measure audiences to blogs; they were too fragmented; no specific blog would ever become a viable ad vehicle. And I responded that, indeed, I agreed. No, the relevant behavior isn’t whether you read a specific blog; it is whether you WRITE a blog. They should be profiling bloggers, not the audience to specific blogs. Blogging is unlike traditional media-- but similar to, say, podcasting-- in that it is all about the democratization of information technology distribution. CGM if you will, or Consumer Generated Media. Its all the rage nowadays. Do you blog? Podcast? Write reviews on Amazon? Have a MySpace page? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re at the cutting edge of the new media frontier. You and every teenage girl in America. But I digress…)

Anyway, here’s the 411, as the kids say. First off, me and the wife are getting new floors. Actually, we got them already; the guys finished laying the floors yesterday (write your own "laying" joke). And they look great; they are bamboo, which is the hot new flooring material. Looks great, feels great, durable, less expensive than wood. Only drawback is you can never have a Panda at your house.

But as it turns out, when you think about it, pretty much everything you own is on the floor one way or the other. Some of it might be in the closet, but if you want the floors done in the closet, well, you damn well better empty that closet out. And if you have built-ins built into your posh Upper East Side abode, well, out they must come; especially if you want the floors going all the way to the wall (and trust me, you do.) So we packed up all our stuff, packed like we were moving, crammed most of it into the baby’s room (the only room not getting new floors, and oh yeah, she isn’t really a baby anymore). Then we made, as George Carlin would say, a small version of our stuff and went all migrant. The wife and kid spent some time in the wilds of Jersey, then we all camped out at a friend’s home in Brooklyn. And I haven’t slept home in a week till last night.

When we got home the floors looked great. And the built-ins in the living room are gone, because oh yeah, we need to replace them (the wife called the ones we had “80s coke den chic.” Don’t blame me; they were there when I moved in, as was the “Bathroom of Looo-oove.”) It is like moving in all over again. We tried to hook up the cable TV and the Internet (broadband from Time Warner) and, well, that didn’t work. Turns out we need a service call. So no TV (we can live with that) and no Internet, which of course we could NOT live with; thank God the guy next door doesn’t password-protect his wireless network, he he he; we can get on that way. I wonder if he’ll notice any slowdown as I commence downloading 10 concerts a week in FLAC format?

So in all this shambles, what with packing, unpacking, moving, living out of a suit case, you’d understand why the blog has taken a back seat, right? But on top of all that, work has heated up (whatever it is I do, I’m suddenly doing a lot of it; even had to travel a day). And tomorrow I leave for Las Vegas (I’ll be on a panel) and then on to LA till Monday (nephew’s Bar Mitzvah, and boy, what a weekend of drama and angst that’ll be. Families. I’m sure you have one.) All of which, of course, must be accomplished while juggling an almost-2-year-old little girl and keeping her happy and secure despite the fact that her little world has been disassembled. (Last week the Nanny came over on Monday morning, after we’d packed all weekend. Our daughter dragged her into the living room and exclaimed, “Yook! It’s all gone!” (“Yook” meaning “look.”)

In a sense it’s good that I was in Washington Friday, and leaving for Vegas and LA tomorrow. Better on the road than staring at the clutter of our disheveled abode (and at the exposed brick, not a good thing in our case, which we found behind the living room built-ins.) We’re having our guy plaster and paint-- in Manhattan, you gotta have a guy-- and then Little Wolf (consider this an endorsement) is coming in to build new built-ins to my wife’s exacting (and always ingenious) specifications, for a reasonable amount of money, but it’ll take 6 weeks, during which time we’ll try and look away from where the bricks show. And try and navigate around the boxes of stuff, the contents of which I hope some day soon will be in the new built-ins.

Also, when you have something like 6,000 CDs, and you have them in file drawers, boxing them up takes some doing (and the better part of a day). I try not to think about it, because we may not hook up the stereo again until the built-ins have been built-in, and suddenly I just HAVE to hear that one song on Tom Petty's Wildflowers that isn't on my iPod. So if anyone asks why I need to have 50 gigs of music on my iPod, THIS is why.

Anyone who might have recorded 24 last night, we’d really like a copy.

Please do write. If I don’t blog soon, at least I’ll answer any and all comments. Not just Annie’s.


Pet peeve: blog entries where the writer describes that he or she hasn’t written because he or she has nothing to write. If you have nothing to write, here's an idea: don't. I hate that almost as much as those cell phone calls where the vapid nincompoop on the other end is basically calling to tell you they have nothing to say, but they’re bored at wherever it is they are so hopefully you’ll keep them company. No, I will not keep you company while you wait for the bus. Buy a damn newspaper.

I hope this post has not come across as such a post. I waited a good long time of saying nothing until I felt I had something to say. Or at least, to type.


Anyway, at least that's my story. I don't know what's up with God. But I daresay i'm beginning to lose my faith. My luck, I'll get struck down for that crack just as the built-ins are done.

Posted by: --josh-- @ 5:01 PM  

At 4/25/2006 11:26 PM, Anonymous Annie said...   

1) Not JUST as the built-ins are done. You've got until December 11, 2012 to enjoy them.

2) We blog (and mess up other people's blogs with comments) because we literally go from Sunday night to Saturday afternoon without talking to anyone but our cat. All our friends are online. Yes, it is a lttle frightening.

3) Little Wolf RULES. Our folks had a few built-ins made by them.

4) We wish we understood what it s you do for a living. Then we could explain it to others.

At 4/26/2006 1:18 PM, Blogger minty said...   

I just have to leave comment #2 so it doesn't say "1 comments."

Oh, and they're making all sorts of things out of bamboo these days--yarn, sheets, jeans. Bamboo is the new hemp. I guess we all need to stay away from hungry pandas.

At 4/28/2006 2:14 AM, Blogger --josh-- said...   

1. Annie: I'm still not sure what i do for a living. If I was 100% honest with myself, I'd probably say what I do is, invoice.

2. Minty: Note to self: smoke a big bowl of living room.

At 5/03/2006 9:31 PM, Anonymous pia said...   

If bamboo is the new hemp--actually had pocketbooks made of hemp before they became fashionable

Glad you're getting rid of your 80's disco furniture--got rid of mine--sad to say I bought it in 97, and hate camping out in other peoples houses just so mine can look good

Hope the Bar Mitzvah was good. Families--don't even want to touch that subject. Passover was the last supper...

Back to blogs. Yes they are fragmented. However I'm in a rather unique position, blog wise, these days since I'm using mine as my newest resume--just proofing the posts I wrote before I discovered Google's spell check. Will take the rest of my life. But I digress

I know who reads my blog, why they read it, usually know approximate education/socio-economic demographics, and age--so yes I know the audience but also why the read a blog, and why they write one

The real problem is that beginning a blog has become trendy. It's who sticks with their blog that's important, and why

While there's technorati, truth laid bear, google, etc, none really capture a true picture because they all miss many variables.

In my relentless quest to be America's number one blogger, or so many people assume, I should be seeking new readers. Frankly, I either get bored quickly, or wonder what people want from me--but never for long as I do get resumes, and much else

Of course my blog will probably never be bigger than it is now--too many people want to be me. They can. If they're willing to give up their life

What many bloggers don't understand is that it takes more than a well designed blog and a heart-wrenching story. It takes talent--either writing, cartooning, many things--dedication--and dedication

Because I know who my audience is and what they're looking for, I might be able to easier sell myself, and I freely admit that I'm using blogging as a platform for my writing.

Just would have been a lot easier to send out query letters and samples of my published work, but I can't turn back now

Hope this makes sense--needed to vent

At 5/03/2006 10:06 PM, Blogger --josh-- said...   

Vent here any time, girlfriend. It saves us a trip.

At 5/16/2006 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...   

Do you blog?

From time to time.



Write reviews on Amazon?


Have a MySpace page?



with best wishes,
mistah charley

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