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Here's me, without baby, thinking big thoughts. (Actually, what I'm thinking is, "Hey, these aren't Pringles!") I think I look better with baby.

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Musical Name Dropping and Glad Handing
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I just realized that when I recommended 6 albums in the post "It Won't All Be This Heavy," I actually have at least met 4 of the 6 artists-- Tan Sleeve, Derek Trucks (you'll want to read my interview with him and Allman Brother bandmate Oteil Burbridge in the last issue of Hittin' the Note), Jill Sobule, and Todd Rundgren. So I guess the moral is, if you want me to plug your album, meet me.


Posted by: --josh-- @ 10:38 PM  

At 7/17/2004 12:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...   

Josh, Im absolutely crushed, not so much as a mention of the Macon City Auditorium 2/11/72 ABB Archive release in your 6 cd recomendations in your "Heavy" post. Being a hermit hippie viet vet desert lizard out in Arizona its tough to eet anybody so I guess Im outta luck on that count..... just kiddin Brother Josh, just wanted to check out this project you got goin. Pretty cool!!!
Take care
capt skipper (not "Anonymous")

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