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I'm For Gay Marriage
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I feel like Emily Litella from the old Saturday Night Live. What's all this fuss about Gay marriage?

The attempt by the Republicans to add a CONSTITUTIONAL AMMENDMENT banning gay marriage (the first time that particular document would be used to take away a liberty; lovely precedent that) is election year pandering of the worst kind. What is the argument against gay marriage? The only one I've heard is that it threatens the sanctity of marriage. Well, let me say this as a straight white married guy. How about a constitutional ammendment banning hot young sluts from marrying rich old guys for their money? (We could call it the Anna Nicole Smith ammendment.) THAT challenges the sanctity of marriage a heck of a whole lot more in my opinion. But whatever there is between me and my wife, it is ONLY about me and my wife; no one but the two of us CAN effect the sanctity of our marriage. I generally assume that people who adamantly oppose gay marriage must simply not know any same sex couples. I know a bunch. The males tend to be faithful and long-time partners (I know a couple of couples together over 25 years), but childless; the women tend to be much the same, but are more likely to have kids. But to say these people aren't families, aren't every bit as married as straight people-- again, all I can say is, you must not have met any of them.

Is Dick Cheney's daughter married? Does she want to be? does he want happiness for his own daughter? These are things I wonder.


Posted by: --josh-- @ 9:36 PM  

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