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Thank God Its Random Friday
Saturday, April 12, 2008
Posted on a Saturday, but heard (and written) on a Friday, honest.

Keith Richards and the X-pensive Winos, "Something Else", 2-13-93. Off a boot. They opened with this Eddie Cochran tune at the '92-'93 shows. Great stuff. Keith and Waddy Wachtel, I believe, on guitars. Nice choppy ragged play-out at the end.

Ray Charles and Milt Jackson, "Blue Genius," Soul Brothers, Soul Meeting. Great record, 2 CDs of instrumental classy jazzy blues (or bluesy jazz, it's tough to say.) Not enough Os in smoooth... in a good way. Lots of vibes. I'm glad everyone went out and bought a Ray Charles record after that Jamie Foxx movie, but there are so many great Ray Charles records out there that don't have the hits on them, some that don't even have singing...

Fleetwood Mac, "Save Me a Place," Tusk. One of 2 or 3 straight up Beach Boys homages Lindsey Buckingham included on this record. It's lovely. Here's my "Save Me a Place" story. In 1993 I finally got to see him live; he'd been notoriously stage-averse. I was in the second row at Town Hall. He played this song as a first encore-- a somewhat obscure choice for the guy who had just closed the set with "Go Your Own Way." On the chorus, the layered harmonies were just so spine-tinglingly chilling and beautiful that I, there in the second row, let out a lone "Whoo!" Lindsey smiled and bowed directly to me, as if to say, "Why yes, that IS the good part, and thank you for noticing!" I was putty.

David Grahame, "Imagine That," Eric. Lovely, gorgeous pop ditty in the vein of Josh Rouse or softer Matthew Sweet or heck, even side 2 of Something/Anything. Sadly this guy seems to have retired. Went to high school with Lane Steinberg of Tan Sleeve and the Wind.

Paul McCartney, "Singalong Junk," McCartney. Perfect segue. I sang along.

Jon Auer, "Wicked World," Songs From the Year of Our Demise. "You're all I want in this wicked world." Basically his fragile pretty voice and acoustic guitar, with some backing "woos" for good measure... These last four songs collectively are totally un-macho, almost wussy. And I love them. Anyone wanna make something of it?... From a record about Auer's divorce. Top-5 break-up records (not in order): Rumours; Shoot Out the Lights; Girlfriend; Blood on the Tracks; Hearts and Bones.

Chris Whitley, "Bordertown, " Living With the Law. Loved this one-- it has that Daniel Lanois vibe, produced by Lanois's partner Malcolm Burns. Whitley was gone too soon. This record is timeless. Put it in the changer with the first Robbie Robbie Robertson album, the Neville Brothers' Yellow Moon, Peter Gabriel's So, and Lanois's Acadie. Hit random. Enjoy.

Silos, "Upside Down Instead," Susan Across the Ocean. Straight ahead rock'n'roll. It even has a line that goes, "they shook it to the left." Like some of the best Silos tunes, features the haunting yet rocking electric violin of Ethel's Mary Rowell.

Chris Stamey, "Big Time," Its Alright. Not my favorite dBs/Stamey work because it sounds really '80s; the production feels dated.

Pretenders, "Back On the Chain Gang," Learning to Crawl. 'nuff said. A perfect song.

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Posted by: --josh-- @ 9:34 AM  

At 4/12/2008 3:30 PM, Anonymous Annie said...   

JC, I bow to your superior knowledge in almost all things, but you only named the top five rock n roll breakup tunes. If you don't have room for Sammy's "Blame It on My Heart" or Frank's "Memories of You," much less "One for My Baby," please continue on next list.

At 4/12/2008 5:36 PM, Blogger --josh-- said...   

No, I was naming break-up records, not songs. These are all albums recorded during or after nasty break-ups. Shoot Out the Lights, byt Richard and Linda Thompson, who were divorcing each other at the time; and Rumours of course with two couples splitting up. And Hearts and Bones is a record about Paul Simon's split from Carrie Fisher.

At 4/13/2008 6:03 PM, Blogger RoxiticusDH said...   

Hey, Best...
Speaking of random, I've got a new blog. Check it out at Roxiticus Best Blogs

If you'd like to add your penny's worth, leave me a comment and I'll update it when I get a chance.

Rex is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow (Monday) so my mind will be elsewhere and not on the blogosphere.

I'll catch up soon, though...

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