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Introducing the Song of the Day
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
A little verbiage this first time about the Song of the Day (SOD.)

There will be an SOD posted every now and again, when a particular song gets inside my head or under my skin or gives me a burning, itchy sensation. I can’t guarantee you will like all of them. Or any, for that matter. I would probably sound byte my tastes as wussy hip.

I’m using http://www.putfile.com to host these files (that takes you to the service home page, not to the SOD). You can play them, but I don’t know that you can save them. Which is OK by me, because I don’t own the copyrights and the whole thing is gray area at best.

The songs are MP3s generally encoded at 192 KBS. That's 50% larger than your typical MP3, which means 50% more data, so they ought to sound better. I know the dogs I've played this one for can tell. I sure can. I think.

Disclaimer: I am against piracy of intellectual property (anyone who has seen my CD collection will attest to that.) It is my belief that on balance, more people will decide to buy a CD from hearing the SOD than will decide to circumvent buying one. I am an opinion leader, a star maker, and I have broken countless artists (keep in mind that it is impossible to count to zero.)

If you own any of these songs and I’m pissing you off, let me know and I’ll fix it. Please don’t sue me.

OK, so let’s see if this works. Today’s Song of the Day is “Me and Mrs. Jones,” a hit for Billy Paul in the early 70s, as covered by Hall and Oates on August 26 of this year at Jones Beach. I bought the Instant Live of the show, and that’s where this is from.

Listen to the way Darryl Hall comes at the “Mee-yeee aaa-and Missus—- Missus Jones...” part. He takes it in a different style each time around. Dude can flat out sing. Oh, and its almost seven minutes long. Hope you dig it.

Click here to play today's Song of the Day.

IYLTYML (if you like this you might like): Our Kind of Soul, Hall and Oates; and, The Philly Sound 1966-1976: Kenny Gamble And Leon Huff, which contains the original.


Posted by: --josh-- @ 11:02 PM  

At 11/03/2005 11:37 AM, Anonymous pia said...   

I too buy CD's as anybody who has seen my apartment can attest to, but Hall & Oates? Knew too many people who were way too in to them

Really wanted to thank you for that wonderful, wonderful comment

At 11/03/2005 11:38 AM, Anonymous pia said...   

oh do love the Allman Brother's and plan on seeing them in March

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