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Are All Republicans This Queer?
Monday, November 06, 2006
Seriously, what's all the fuss about Ted Haggard, founder and pastor of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, head of the National Association of Evangelicals (30 million strong, they are), guy who has a standing weekly teleconference with the president of the United States, outspoken advocate against same-sex marriage-- as I say, what's all this fuss about him liking to get all hopped up on crystal meth and then pay a man to have steamy, nasty, wanton meth-fueled gay sex with him?

I mean, for goodness sake, it isn't as if he wanted to MARRY the guy.


Courtesy Huffington Post, this link shows you a lovely snippet of Haggard from the movie Jesus Camp.


Posted by: --josh-- @ 2:43 PM  

At 11/07/2006 1:02 PM, Anonymous Annie said...   

Standing weekly teleconference with...no, I'm serious. What would they have talked about? I mean, that's worth taking up the valuable time of the leader of the free world? "Pastor, I'm worried about homosexuality. It IS the work of the devil, isn't it?" "Of course it is, Mr. President. That's what makes it so much fun. OOPS!"

At 11/07/2006 1:40 PM, Blogger --josh-- said...   

I suspect that the weekly call covers talking points for that week, and basically involves doling out assignmentsd to the evangelicals, messages to be disseminated throughout the evangelical community. Like, for example, "If Jesus was alive today he'd want to build a fence across the Mexican border!"

I wonder: if Terry Schiavo could have been resuscitated through the fruits of stem cell research, would the proper lunatic fringe position be to keep her in the vegatative state?

At 11/07/2006 8:35 PM, Anonymous Annie said...   

Apparently it was okay to keep Ronald Reagan that way, so why not?

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