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Advertising Works, Part Deux
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Advertising Works Part One may be found on my bestest pal Bree's blog, specifically this post.

Since I am somewhat tangentially-- or more than that-- in the advertising business, I thought it was appropriate for me to have advertising on my blog. Paid search is the hottest kind of advertising online right now, which is to say the hottest kind of advertising, period. Google's market cap is through the rooofle, and while I tend to think it is overvalued, there is a school of thought that says things like blogs, podcasts, and other technologies for providing limitless bandwidth and democratizing the creation of media will ultimately create an environment where there are no mass media vehicles and a glut of smallish ones (even in TV, the top-rated program this year wouldn't rank among the top-50 in 1969.) In such an environment, we won't need remote controls-- we will need search engines. Even for TV, for radio, we won't scan through channels, we will search. If you have digital cable, you can probably already see where the technology of the remote has begun to look more like a search tool (on TiVo I can "search" for, say, movies with Humphrey Bogart, and then record them.)

So yeah, maybe the future of media content is limitless information, and the model for perusing that content (not just online) will be search, and so right here at APW, we bring you cutting edge, contextual advertising. Its that skyscraper there on the lower right. Experience the new dawn of marketing. And by all means, buy something. As Bree would assure you, it is the American Way.

Posted by: --josh-- @ 11:04 AM  

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