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The Veeps
Wednesday, October 06, 2004
I haven't heard the pundit spin, so this is strictly my un-influenced take.

I didn't see a winner. That probably bodes well for Kerry-Edwards, because one would have expected Cheney to wipe the floor with him. Indeed at the beginning I thought he was, but Edwards kind of pulled his nose up at the end. My email from the Kerry campaign immediately after said "We're 2 for 2!" I wouldn't go that far. Of course no one really cares about the veep debate anyway.

Imus characterized it as Dr. Evil versus the Breck Girl.

And really, having seen Bush in action, and now Cheney, is there really any doubt left as to which of these two is actually in charge?


Posted by: --josh-- @ 1:09 AM  

At 10/06/2004 9:05 AM, Blogger Shmolnick said...   

Josh I completely agree with your Veep debate assessment - No Clear Winner. I thought frankly that neither guy really answered any of the questions posed to them. Instead they predictably kept reciting their respective litanies of campaign sound bites. A few points were clearly made by both candidates, although Cheney looks like a mean old man. The kind of guy who'd call the cops on you and your friends for making too much noise or crossing his lawn.

What does this all mean for the campaign? Nothing by Friday because the Prez Town Hall Debate will take over. If Bush doesn't appear to score BIG on Friday, he will be in trouble.

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